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So I feel like doing a giveaway for back to school :) I will be ordering this stuff online when I get the winner :)

First prize winner can pick two of the items.

Second prize winner gets the other two.


1. Reblog!!! This is the key thing, reblog as much as you want!

2. Must be following me demoniicpossession :)

3. Likes don’t count, but you can like for reference :)

The giveaway will be over on September 10th! I will be picking the winner with a random generator.

Good luck!!

Angel’s Background

Chapter Two:
When my house burned down, and my father was killed, I was around 3 maybe 4 years old. It was very traumatic, and I had to live on my own for a while, on the streets. I grew up having to fight for food, and this wasn’t even when I had become a vampire yet.
I stumbled upon a new town, around the age of 10 and I met a pony name Sockiepie, her house is a little big, she owns a sock shop and business was well for her. She even gave me a pair of socks that were black and white, Red goggles as well.
She welcomed my into her house with open arms, and let me live there until I find a stable area to live. There I worked at her shop as a cashier. While working there I met a pony named Blackstorm. He was a black earth pony with neon blue hair. He was handsome, and my first love.
We ended up falling in love, and got engaged. I was about to move out of Sockie’s place but, as I was asleep on my last night there, I got bit.

Afraid of Love

My big time dream Irl is to become an actress. My other one is to find someone I can love and get married to, grow old and have kids with, meet that person and find love in highschool. I’m afraid that the person I end up loving wont love me enough to support me going to become an actress

Angel’s Background

(Mod: I’m going to write her backstory everynow and then since it’s really unclear, I may also make a manga of it, idk)
Chapter one- Daddy’s Girl
From when I was little, I had a book my father gave me. It’s called the Elements of Darkness.
It contradicts with the elements of Harmony.
I have yet to find the other ponys who share these dark abilities with me, but O find myself controling the one with blood.
I am a vampire, I have been one for 134 years, but before then, I experienced the worst day of my life.
It was July 23rd, and my father had just cooked dinner, when hunters had come. They were looking for the book, and killed my father by burning down the house. What they didn’t know, was me. Never knew I was alive. So at my fathers request I took it and ran. He told me he never figured out any of the elements, though it was his life’s works. Although, when I opened the book, I learned how to do blood magic. I use mine, and other pony’s blood, to make a weapon, or drink, because I am a vampire as well. I didn’t learn why tell later though..

If you love someone enough let them go, and if they come back keep them forever.
If they don’t, at least know that there happy, be happy about that, and if I can’t just try not to think about it. Even then the pain goes away for a bit.

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