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I suspected Lutwig and Lightking, since Lightking likes every one of the things I post (Thank you ;D) and Lutwig since at a point of time, he went threw my tumblr and liked EVERY SINGLE ONE of my post just because I told him he never did XDDD

But smitty I didn’t think as much, and if he was apart of my biggest fan collection, I would have though Sockie would be 3rd and he would be in 4rth. Thanks smitty ;D

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  1. ask-angelflonne reblogged this from sockiepie and added:
    Sockie! I did not! I thought yu were to be 3rd :3
  2. sockiepie reblogged this from asklightking and added:
    And you just ignored me! ;~; so mean!
  3. asklightking reblogged this from ask-angelflonne and added:
    Numbah one!
  4. smittygir4mod reblogged this from ask-angelflonne and added:
    Your welcome ;3 
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